Planning to buy a fake id for entertainment purposes? Sure, you can always have them, but of course attached to that is using them right and making sure you are responsible enough to use them only for the right purposes. There are many makers of fake id around Canada, but the biggest question is who amongst them can deliver to your standards.

The selection process can be very intimidating, but using the right factors to consider, this supposedly intimidating task can be very easy. To help you become successful finding the right Fake ID, below are good factors you can consider.

Where to buy Fake ID?

There are many factors to consider when buying fake id, yet needless to say, the best way to ensure that you are buying the right one is buying them from the right ID makers. Not being able to get them from the right shop will fail all your desires of getting the ID you are looking for.

When choosing the ID maker, consider the following:

  • Reliable shops

Choose those that were able to prove their worth in this industry. You do not need to look for the most tenured, at least a company who is stable and is legitimate doing so. Do not trust until you completed your homework.

This kind of ID is for novelty and entertainment purposes only, hence you have enough time to look for a shop. They are used for scheduled events, hence you have enough time to search for a shop to have them done.

  • From shops recommended by your friends

You are not the first person within your neighborhood or circle of your friends who have used this kind of ID, hence taking the experience of people you know to your advantage is recommended. Ask not only the ID makers they recommend but also those makers they want you to disregard.

Being the people you trust, their suggestions should count.

  • From makers who are replying to your emails/ phone calls/ inquiries

Before you even place an order, especially to first timers, make sure to shoot them an email or call their hotline. If they do not reply to your email or did not pick up their phones, you may want to step back and think. You would not want to deal with a company who will let you wait forever. As a customer, you always want your needs to get prioritized.

Although you are important to some companies, they tend not to answer your email immediately due to bulk of emails they receive in a day. Most, if not all, highly trusted companies are receiving tons of emails making them unable to answer emails immediately. Give these companies ample time to pick up your inquiry or email.

  • From those company who can supply you the IDs immediately

You always have to give these companies enough time to do their jobs, too much rushing sometimes fail them to provide their customers ID that are in highest quality and most perfect shape and look.

It is best if you talk to your supplier and ask for timelines. If the time they provided is beyond the time you need them, you can always negotiate. Some makers may ask for additional charge for faster delivery.

  • From companies who can supply you not only readymade ID but also the necessary supplies for you to make your own ID

Companies who can supply you with materials you need to create an ID can be considered. By doing so, you are giving yourself the opportunity to release all your creative juices and create an ID on your own.

There are those who sell pre made PVC cards which may or may not include Microprint, UV and other available and possible security features. If you want DIY, then might as well consider buying just the materials rather than readymade ones.

  • From companies who can supply you real or legitimate looking ID

Choose a company that is able to supply you with real looking ID. You might be buying them for recreational purposes only, yet, there is nothing better than buying those that look like exactly as the real ones.

You are definitely not using them for criminal use, as you know the consequences when you do so, but that should not stop you from looking for a company who can supply you with an ID that seems like the original. Needless to say, there are some noticeable differences, yet, finding the closest is a must.

  • From companies who understand privacy and confidentiality

You are getting this kind of ID for recreational purposes, yet, you would never want your personal information get jeopardized. Whether you are giving them your true personal information or not, you have the right to keep your identity or at least the information you provided kept and private.

If you are dealing with a trusted ID maker, you should not worry about your privacy getting divulged to someone else. No trusted company will jeopardize their name by giving away information of one of their customers.

Trust only those who are worth to be trusted. There are many companies around Canada who offer such services and trusting too easily is definitely not an option. Take as much time as you can and do not come up with a decision overnight.