Well known is that the use of Cannabis sativa has numerous effects on the organism. In most regions of the world the negative side is the only one taken into account; its recreational use has been banned in most countries and this is why the use of this plant, in general, is illegal.

However, in many countries there is a struggle for legalization, understood as a medicinal plant. That is not the issue that concerns right now, what really matters is to highlight that marijuana has numerous chemical compounds and among them there are many that act positively within the body. Even though the studies have not been fully developed in most of the lines of research – precisely because of the prohibition issues – what has been obtained until now is highly positive and raises many hopes that Cannabis will be recognized for its abundant positive properties for the organism from one moment to the next. Everything depends merely on the given use.

In all this, there are a few implicit bioethics issues. Many people completely doubt that marijuana can actually act beneficially in their body without altering something of it. For this, it is best to resort to the scientific explanation on which all these new medicinal ideas are based.

In marijuana there are a lot of substances and compounds. Some of them, essentially Tetrahydrocannabinol are capable of altering certain reactions producing allusions and all these effects that have been classified as adverse and harmful for the organism. Now, Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is not the most abundant substance in the plant, or at least not in all variations. Cannabidiol or CBD is a highly abundant compound that is very close to the body’s natural processes. It is in it where these studies with medical application purposes are centered. In addition, it is also the basis of medicinal products already known and accepted, such as the CBD oil, of which we will have more specifications a little later on.

Cannibidiol is a substance that has a homologous substance synthesized by the organism. The body is capable of producing a series of substances that regulate a lot of basic physiological activities that result from the metabolism of our cells and the segregation of these substances, such as sleep, hunger, relaxation and many others. It is precisely this substance that acts as a neurotransmitter of the nervous system so that all these processes are stimulated and generated.

It is just because of this that this substance can have a positive effect in the cure of multiple diseases. It is enough to know that its action is similar to a neurotransmitter of the organism to understand its capacity to increase this potential when the natural doses, for some other reason, descend. These simply become the perfect supplement.

The magical oils

The use of marijuana as a medicine does not intend to become another alternative medicine. Its medicinal use is intended for traditional treatments, applied by people with a high scientific standard. Science is interested in this substance simply because they have found in it an affinity with the organism simply impressive. Even when they require more studies, this is enough to know that marijuana, and other miraculous ellipses of nature could be the true biological and medical milestone of the coming years.

Entering into matter, the CBD oil deserves full attention. In many countries of the world the therapeutic and medicinal use of cannabis has been allowed. This has given way to the development of multiple drugs whose active agent is this already named extract called cannabidiol. The essential oils based on this plant have a non-invasive effect but they are highly beneficial for the organism. A few drops under the tongue are enough, applied as topics or in some other modality according to the case of each patient and the results will be seen faster than expected.

Now, how are these drops obtained? To answer this question, it is necessary to clarify what the extraction is about. The drops come from an extract of Cannabis oil, that is to say the active substances that are internal to the plant are placed on some solvent, and after a time of rest, the solution acquires all these chemical compounds that will provide its properties. In other words, the basic process for obtaining CBD oil is:

  • The flowers of the plant are extracted, since it contains greater number of the substances for this manufacture in comparison to the leaves.
  • Its moisture is extracted from the tissue.
  • The diminished size flowers are added on a container and pure and virgin base oil is added.
  • The extraction process begins. Depending on the technique used, the process can take a long time (even months) to completely extract these substances and obtain a highly concentrated and durable content and a shorter duration option where the product is obtained quickly but its maintenance capacity for its conservation it is smaller.
  • It ends with the filtration and the relevant improvement processes, that is, where another substance is added to improve its properties and increase its duration.

 In which cases are CBD oils recommended?

The use of CBD oil has proven to be much more extensive than it seems. In principle the oil is highly used to correct all kinds of problems related to stress. It is a natural relaxant that acts on the organism producing the necessary endorphins so that it feels much calmer. This immediately improves performance in all senses, since stress is one of the main causative agents of most diseases.

But this is not the only thing; the oil is highly used to treat other diseases related to depression and anxiety, diabetes, acne, severe muscle pain, arthritis, relief of cancer symptoms and, if that were not enough, improve the capacity of our heart muscle. The best of all is that each of these applications is properly based on studies and scientific tests. So, do you dare to acquire your oil drops?