A sneak peek

An age where technology has reached to the peak level on one hand, style statement on the other hand also determines the status of a person and determines his strata in the society. Luxury cars is one such style statement of the men of today’s generation. However not everyone is capable enough of buying one luxury car and showing his capability to the world. But not to worry because this problem has led to the development of the concept of luxury car hire where one can easily hire any luxury vehicle of his or her choice for a stipulated amount of time and then use it up to his zenith extent. This article details about some of the brands that provide the service of luxury car hire to the commoners at reasonable prices.


One of the leading brands in this field, the first name to arrive in one’s mind when someone takes the name of luxury car hire is that of Zoomcar. Started in 2013 by David back and Greg Moran, today this company operates in across 27 cities of India and is currently headquartered in Bangalore. As a car rental service, it offers a wide range of choices starting from ordinary cars to luxury cars and the services offered are at very reasonable prices. Some of the leading investors of Zoomcar include Ford Motors, Sequoia Capital, Nokia growth Partners, Funders Club, Basset Investment group, Athene Capital, Venture Souk, Globevestor and Cyber Carrier CL.


Based in Portland, Kemwel is an independent car rental that has around 750,000 cars all over the Europe and provides services to at least 4000 pickup locations. Initially started as a parking garage in New York, it slowly became an official partner of Mercedes Benz and from then it opened another branch of car rental service. Keeping in mind the increasing pollution levels and the huge crowds that the customers had to wait on before delivery of the product, this service was developed and implemented. It offers rental services for luxury cars at cheaper prices and within the budget of an average earner of the family.

Budget Rent a Car System

It is an American MNC founded in 1958 and currently headquartered in New Jersey. Going by its basic name of Budget, it aims in cutting down the excessive bills of the people due to the travel costs and offers its services at very cheap and reasonable prices. Team Rental Group finally purchased it and gave the name of Budget Group to it. It currently has locations in around 800 centres out of which 600are in USA alone. On international level the company has around 1800 licensees and has a number of regular discount offers.

Redspot Car Rentals

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia this company was founded in 1989 by Dan Mekler. After acquiring the partnership of Sixt company, now it has been renamed to Redspot Sixt. Currently running in a number of Asia Pacific countries, it provides services of nearly all of the brands of the cars available at very reasonable prices, with a hub of its own in Germany.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Enterprise Rent-A-Caris an American Rental Company headquartered in Clayton of USA and provides services of commercial fleet management, used car sales and commercial truck rental services apart from the general car hires to the general populace. It was established in way back of 1957 and is currently having more than 9000 home locations and 419 airport locations. It focuses mainly on the customer car rentals that are done by customers whose original vehicles have been damaged due to any accident or unnatural cause. The rental vehicles range from very small vehicles to high end luxury vehicles that have rent in upper range of 3 figures on a daily basis. The main goal of the company is customer service and satisfaction with no compromise in the quality.


Firefly Car Rental is an economical and low cost car rental service brand owned by Hertz Group. It was first opened in March of 2013 with the opening branches in Europe. Currently it has more than 100 locations spread over 13 different nations of the world.

National Car Rental

National Car Rental is an American Car rental company based in Clayton of the United States of America. It is owned by the Enterprise Group and is a sister branch of Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Alamo Rent a Car. It is one of the popular choices in terms of its services for a number of car brands that it provides, starting from mini cars to the top notch luxury brands that run in the top choices of the people. Passing through a phase of number of acquisitions currently it has over 200 locations in nearly major countries of the world.


Car2go is a rental company of German origin and is currently a subsidy of Diamler AG. It offers exclusively the rentals of luxury cars of Mercedes Benz and Smart Fortwo. It features one-way point to point rental and the cost of rent is also very economical and hence can be afforded easily by a number of commoners. It currently has about 2,500,000 registered members with about 14000 users in about 26 locations of North America, Europe and Asia.

Reasons for opting luxury car hire

Apart from the general cause of having enjoyment of luxury car hire at reasonable prices, there are also various other reasons for people opting this service, namely :-

  • Having an unforgettable long ride to satiate one’s need for speed and adventure
  • Making one enjoy with family and friends in holiday seasons and making each and every moment of those memorable ones
  • Making the booked dates with the partners a really enjoyable and memorable one
  • Impressing a new client and showing the vehicle as a sign of sophisticated style statement in front of them
  • A gift to parents on the eve of Mothers and Father’s Day and ensuring that they enjoy every ounce of moment.