The Aurora

Starship Aurora is a devastating war ship, capable of tolerating the harshest of conditions, including immense heat and light radiation. Aurora would be able to survive Crematoria’s insane climate, from Chronicles of Riddick. The Captain and Crew aboard this Starship will be working on a hot major production together, and will be recruiting talent from the six United Planets. Submit your resume, if you can take the heat.

The Endeavor

The Starship Endeavor is a honed weapon, built with the agility, accuracy and aerodynamic quality of a light-seeking missile. Endeavor cuts through the cosmos at warp-breaking speeds like a well sharpened blade, as she carries her Captain and Crew. Endeavor’s Captain will be selecting Crew Members from the United Planets, who wish to venture with him/her on this endeavor.

The Genesis

Genesis was designed with stealth and efficiency in mind. She is an embassador transport vessel, and if there is an emergency meeting on the moon of Anteros, Genesis will get you there from Triton before you can say “quantum mechanics.”  Without pausing her mission, Starship Genesis gathers her energy from the glowing layers of each United Planet atmosphere, which she then turns into fuel. The Captain of Genesis will be recruiting talent from the many citizens of the United Planets.

The Nautilus

It is no coincidence that the fleet commanders named this Starship “Nautilus”. She is the only Starship that can enter the amphibious terrain of planets  that have both dry and aquatic habitats. Because of her special capabilities, she is often sent on missions to rescue citizens and ships who have become lost or stranded in marine environments. Her ability to become waterborne leads her Captain and Crew on many exciting journeys through Planets’ atmosphere as well as ocean floor

The Orion

Starship Orion’s vast ring on her vessel’s perimeter is a paralell dimension manipulator. This device allows her to, with the greatest of ease, shift dimensions and pass through any obsticle or enemy ship that threatens her Captain and Crew. This technology cannot be recreated in any other vessel, due to the dimension shift element…  a tiny telepathic electric eel that was rescued from a distant star system just before it went super-nova. If not for this tiny creature, the ship and her crew would have been obliterated and vaporized in a fraction of a micron.

Scientific efforts to clone the eel have resulted in physical clones with no special powers. This is truly a one-time thing. Luckily, for the Orion, the lifespan of the tiny telepathic electric eel is equal to that of a medium-sized comet. They protect the eel in a crystal jar, and keep it under constant surveylance in the engine room.

The Republic

The Starship Republic is a civil rights and intergalactic peace negotiation ship. She moves from planet to planet, ensuring diplomats safe passage between star systems, and helping to maintain the high quality of life on each of the United Planets. At her base, the time barrier module records events that happened in a Planet’s past, helping to better predict what can and will occur in the future. She also has the ability to slingshot around a star, going back ten years in time. Republic’s Captain and Crew will be gathering talent from all the United Planets throughout her travels.