Playing today’s games can be quite not-so-straight especially when starting out on a whole new game. There is always plenty of stuff to learn when it comes to games and fortnite is not an exception. There are currently a very high number of games in online app stores waiting for you to download and engage them. Some of these games are self-explanatory meaning that you do not need a lot of maneuvering trying to find out how to start. Others are a bit confusing and if you happen to be a beginner there is chance that you may require a little help on how to go about them. Games developers are quite good at playing with our minds but as long as their level of innovativeness is great then we can only but enjoy the games.

Fortnite; Battle Royale

This game is a darling to many gamers especially among the youngsters. However, starting out can prove to be quite a challenge when it comes to engage the game especially for starters whether they have experience playing other games before or not. Fortnite happens to be one of the most popular games that are being downloaded each and every day with the numbers growing up each and every day. While getting started, there is likelihood of you getting lost and it may take you some time as you try to get your bearings right as you play along.

Without a doubt, the fact here is that you need some basic information to help you navigate your way through the game without much fuss and struggle. The information that is going to be shared here is however not for high-level audience that already happens to know Tilted Towers from Fatal Fields. It is rather for beginners looking to simplify their way into a game that is proving to be quite difficult to them. So here are some of the basic tips that should be on your fingertips as you set out to play fortnite.

Fortnite basic tips

  • It is a fact that you are going to lose

This is one of the first basic facts that any beginner should be aware about. You shouldn’t enter into a game like fortnite thinking that you are always going to crack it right. Experienced players know this all too well that the probability of losing is quite high. With a number of 100 players for every match that you play, there is no hiding the fact that the odds of losing such a match are quite high even for the most experienced gamers who know how to react quickly. It is with practice and of course luck on your side that you get to find your way to the top five, then maybe two before you can eventually remain as the sole survivor and sit at the top which takes time because in these kind of games nothing comes easy; you get to fight for victory.

Just the way it happens in real life, you are not always set to win at the first and sometimes even up to the third and fourth trial, but it is the persistence and the goals you are looking forward to achieve that help you win. It is like that with fortnite whereby you try to survive while having fun at it but at the end if it all you eventually get to win. By trying to see how much you can last, you can choose to avoid conflict and if you want to be pursuing combat wherever it takes you then you go ahead and cause mischief. You can also choose to take guidance from both daily weekly challenges which are valid options that can make you good at the game.

  • You get to have only what you are able to find

When it comes to fortnite Battle Royale, you do not have the choice of selecting a primary and a secondary, nor do you get a chance to get prepared for what is to come. A character just happens to drop into the map armed with the same item which happens to be a pickaxe. The pickaxe item is all you have to get resources from the environment and anything else you are supposed to find in the world. The buildings are full of stuff like guns and grenades, traps and bandages with the early parts of the game allowing you to get as many weapons as possible that you are guaranteed your enemy will not stand a chance. It is funny how you get to start out with only a pickaxe and by the end of the game everyone is armed heavily. Listening for dramatic sounds will have you reaching out for treasure chests usually within the vicinity which offer you a number of useful items.

  • People are dangerous

Games similar to fortnite always have a time–to-kill which explains the amount of time a player takes to fall down after being fired upon. When it comes to fortnite, the time to kill duration is short meaning that every enemy you happen to encounter in the vicinity is a deadly threat that has the ability of killing you the moment they sense your presence and the fight can end with just one or two timely shots. That tells you that you should be more careful with every engagement and ensure that you have an appropriate weapon if you see a player and proceed to fight. You should also have an idea of where they are likely to run to and have sufficient cover or more else confidence if you consider to finish the fight. With that in mind, you should also remember that every fight is a worth challenge that should be considered a major victory for every kill.

In conclusion, you should know that everyone in the game plays within the same setup and unless your squad is dead, there is no point at which you will play against a squad alone.