There are lots of features that the dash cam most contain so as to provide truck drivers with the best services that they will enjoy.

Necessary features

The following are the most important features a dash cam should have for effective work:

  • Continuous recording: continuous recording simply means that the dash cam records everything that happens in and out of the truck continuously without stopping. The dash cam will record until the memory is full which means only the latest videos will consume space while the old videos will not consume space but it will be there for future reference. The reason is that the latest videos are more important than the older videos because when reference is needed to be made to videos, it is mostly from the latest videos.
  • Ability to record in HD: HD is the abbreviated form of High Definition, this means that the dash cam can record high-quality videos that are better than ordinary videos that are not in High Definition, normal videos that are not high definition will capture videos but will not be as clear as the High Definition because high definition dash cams are already designed in such a way that they will record moments as it is. For example, dash cams that are not High Definition rarely record number plate of cars but if you install a good High definition dash cam it will record number plates and other things and such videos can be used as evidence in the future.
  • Speed alert: there are some sophisticated dash cams that have the capability of alerting the driver when the speed is too much and it is becoming dangerous. The dash cam will alert the driver by making alarm sound continuously and hereby letting the driver know he is over the speed limit. Speed alert is very useful because it has helped to stop accidents a lot because the major cause of mortality in accident is too much speed, with the help of the dash cam speed alert the driver will reduce the speed and even if accident occurs, mortality rate will reduce, so when all truckers have such dash cams installed in their trucks the accident rate will reduce and the mortality rate will reduce when accidents occur.
  • GPS: the GPS is the abbreviated form of Global Positioning System, it is installed in dash cams nowadays and it is a device that helps to know the exact location of any object that has the GPS device on it on earth. This device will help to know the position of the truck and also the speed at which the truck is moving. Moreover, it helps to determine the causes of an accident in future when the dash cam video is to be consulted.
  • Safe parking: this is the ability of the dash cam to be able to record occurrences when the truck is parked and left alone without being monitored. Vehicles tend to be stolen are attacked by criminals more in parking areas because they know the parking areas are often filled with vehicle whose owners would have left alone to do other things so the dash cam will start recording immediately the ignition of the truck is turned off and it helps to catch intruders because it will record everything that happens to the truck when no one is watching it.
  • Picture taking: dash cam in trucks is very useful for recording videos, but as it is good for recording videos, there are possibilities that when investigating a video, some information may not be seen as it is happening so fast, to avoid this, the dash cam can also take pictures of an occurrence which will make it easier to use for investigation as it will show the exact thing that is needed as evidence.
  • Software: some dash cams nowadays have software that can allow them to be able to note exact time when an incident occurs for instance when an incident occurs, the dash cam will be able to know when, where and how it happened which means it will note the exact time that the incident occurred, it will also know the exact place that the incident occurred and it will also know what caused the incident. The software of the dash cam will also make it possible to know the exact speed at which the truck is moving when the incident occurred.
  • Storage capability: the type of storage that dash cams use are SD cards and micro SD cards, the dash cams can use SD cards or micro SD cards with the capacity of 8 gigabytes and can take a maximum of below 64 gigabytes. Loop recording helps to make it difficult for the memory to be filled up as old videos will not occupy many spaces. It is then advisable to move your videos to your personal computer regularly to ensure that there will be enough space for the dash cam to record videos.
  • LCD screen: the dash cam has an LCD screen which will show videos that have been recorded by the dash cam. The size of the LCD screen depends on the type of dash cam; the size of the dash cam LCD screen may vary from 1.5 inches – 3 inches. It is good to check the features of the dash cam you want to purchase so that you will be able to select the screen size of your choice.
  • Time and date bar: this is a very useful feature of the dash cam, it simply means that when a dash cam records a video, simultaneously, it will also record the time and show the time below the video which means when you are watching the video that is recorded by the dash cam, you will be able to see the time that the occurrence took place.
  • Mounting: this simply means mounting the dash cam in the truck. People find it difficult to install the dash cam in their truck, some people will call the company to help them install it, but if you want to mount it, it is mounted by adhesive pad or suction cup.

The above features make the device to provide truckers with great services. Visit for more information on the types of the dash cam. At you will also learn a lot about dash dam.